Q-721 Motion Comics


Motion comics are a cool way to tell stories.

In this page you’ll find the early test of motion comics based on Q-721. Waiting for the making of episode 2 with up to date technoligies, come along for a journey in deep waters aboard the Q-721. Sorry but the english versions are not available yet. Will be from episode 2 on.

THE FOLLOWING IS THE FIRST MOTION COMICS OF 2007, “THE RESCUE”, A COMIC STRIP IN MOTION WITH VERY LITTLE INTERACTIVITY (Click one of the links below but make sure your browser can handle flash file, please).

EPISODIO 0 (ITA) – ” Il Salvataggio” il primo motion comics del 2007


THIS IS THE SECOND MOTION COMICS OF 2008, also this one titled “THE RESCUE”, a longer story with limited navigation interactivity . (Click the link below and make sure your browser can handle flash file, please.)

EPISODIO 1 (ITA) – “Il Salvataggio” il secondo motion comics piu’ lungo del 2008.

HERE FOLLOWS THE VIDEOCOMICS OF 2017, “THE CAPTAIN”, A 3MIN. SHORT VIDEO WITH NO INTERACTIVITY. Click the link below to see it and make sure your browser handles flash file, please.

THE CAPTAIN (JPN) – “Il Capitano” il videocomic del 2017.


EPISODIO 2: In preparazione il MOTION COMICS di nuova concezione…